PROPHET OF REUNION: The Life of Paul of Graymoor by Charles & Charles LaFontaine Angell

PROPHET OF REUNION: The Life of Paul of Graymoor

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An ample biography of Fr. Paul Wattson, founder of the Society of the Atonement and forerunner of the ecumenical movement, admiringly written by two Graymoor friars. A turn-of-the-century Episcopalian priest, single-handedly upholding the validity of both Anglican orders and papal primacy, he campaigned relentlessly and against all odds for Anglican reconciliation with Rome. He founded a religious order (along with Mother Lurana White) dedicated to this end, and it joined the Roman Church in 1909. He was a man of many parts, often contradictory: a conservative Catholic championing Protestant/Catholic reunion; a quiet man of prayer who was a spellbinding preacher via pulpit, print, and radio; a super fund raiser who refused to touch money and had trouble balancing his order's books; a humble man with grandiose ambition. Tolerably well written but uncritical, and the occasional attempts to probe Wattson's complex personality tend toward a kind of pious hagiography which substitutes old nun's tales for revelations.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1975
Publisher: Seabury