MY MOTHER TOLD ME by Charles Chevenix Trench


Age Range: 32 - 1965
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The redoubtable Mrs. Pock"" was a pre-1914, non-stop globe-trotter. With her, she hauled and harried a maiden sister and a yet unmarried daughter (the narrator/chronicler here--the author's mother). Mrs. Pockington went to the Near and Far East. She looked at it. She recorded it in her journal. That was that. She collected madly (kleptomanically) and she conquered officialdom (British arrogance or uncharacteristic feminine tears) and refused to catch all the plagues that the pestilential Orient inflicted on her reluctant travelling companions. The two best audiences for this book are the English (who bred the Mrs. Pock type in quantity) and book reviewers/selectors who have the Edwardian Age as their assigned territory (but there aren't many of us). The book was first published in England and will probably die quietly here while we precious few are laughing at the superbly controlled parody of the minor memoir form. C.C. Trench, a comic stylist, did the smooth The Royal Malady, reviewed on p. 32- 1965.

Publisher: Norton