BIG SHOW by Charles Cooke
Kirkus Star


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This seems to have everything. It is a good yarn, with sound characterization which has that only too rare quality of development, and both the glamour and the realism of the circus, from behind the scenes. I found it the best circus story that has ever way, it held my interest from first page to last. It is the story of a boy whose youth was warped by his jealousy of a successful older brother, and who pinned all his hopes and dreams on making good in the circus with the ecllie pup he had trained. One expects a routine success story, and gets a surprise, but it would spell the story for you if I told you how. The book is well worth reading for yourself. An easy book to sell -- an easy book to rent (yes, it has romance, too). And there should be a plus sale for older boys and girls. But make no mistake -- it is a thoroughly book. Here is a good gamble -- and there have been few this year. There is and there is tragedy. It will build up (with your help) a good popular sale now, and should have a fresh sale with successive circus seasons in the future.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1938
Publisher: Harper