MOTORCYCLING by Charles Coombs


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Not just the heavy cycles but scooters, bikes--powered two-wheelers generally--in a rundown that puts down the leather jacket-to-Hell's Angels image, that boosts safety first, courtesy second, skill throughout. Sales are zooming (overseas they're standard transport), and the key role of Soichiro Honda is recognized here, also the practicality of the small machines in countering congestion. Mr. Coombs examines common features and differences with the aid of well-labeled illustrations, goes on to simulate initial inspection and instruction (with reference to private and police-sponsored courses) and detail the fine points of technique. On the road in a properly fitted and reinforced helmet--the driver is warned to think defensively, anticipate motorists limitations, watch the road for surface hazards, etc.; he is also exhorted to keep that muffler quiet loud, it antagonizes, startles, upsets the balance of engine power. Pleasure riding may be a group pursuit (in touring and off-road clubs--with extensive info on trail vehicles and techniques); competition needn't be pro, offers a range from the fun of field meets to the skill of road runs (like sports car rallies), ""scrambles"" (obstacle courses), ""enduros"" (endurance races); lastly, there are the thrills of drag racing and the big time, Bonneville. Thorough, compact, informative--and geared to the irregular reader.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1968
Publisher: Morrow