PROJECT APPOLO: Mission to the Moon by Charles Coombs

PROJECT APPOLO: Mission to the Moon

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Mr. Coombs has an easy way with technical information for the junior high school level and his previous titles -- Project Mercury, Rockets, Missiles and Moons and Sky Rocketing Into the Unknown -- are witness to his particular talent for making current aerospace projects clear for juvenile readers. His Project Apollo has that sense of immediacy which turns good journalism into good juvenile non-fiction. This book projects the probable courses of action to be followed when the U.S. mission to the moon is expected to be ready. From take off and personnel to the conditions in space and lunar landing to return, this describes how the experts expect the trip to be. The book is well illustrated with photographs and artists' simulations (which are also based on probabilities). It's a high-mortality title in non-fiction as are the others of this stripe, but clear and readable.

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1965
Publisher: Morrow