WHERE THE CONDOR NESTS by Charles Daugherty


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A fanciful story set in Peru combines photography, archeology and illegal treasure hunting for the stuff of its adventure, but the result is over dressed melodrama rather than real excitement. Coming to Lima at the invitation of General de Armas, a friend of his archeologist father's, Peter Winkler arrives to find that the General has Just been killed. At a loss, Peter is given temporary work by Senor Blanco, the General's aide who also encourages him to use his photography and presents him with the opportunity to go on an expedition with Earrington, another archeologist. Previously, Peter had seen Harrington trying to make off with some of the General's effects, but he goes along anyway. High in the Andes near an Inca ruin, Peter and his camera finally expose Harrington as a fraud, and the expedition finishes its work in the name of science.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1955
Publisher: Viking