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Here is still another appreciation of the life of the God-Man, Jesus Christ. It is a daring author who tries to improve on the many classic lives now available -- Ricciotti, Prat, LaGrange, Grandmaison etc. --, but Father Lovasik endeavors to help his readers to ""know and love Jesus Christ still more"". No Christian could quarrel with that intent, but it does fail to ""come off"". He frames his commentary around selections from the Holy Scriptures, managing to string together passages from the New Testament in a way that points up how the truths of the Faith can be seen emanating from the Bible. The author tries to show how the lessons of Christ's life are to be applied in personal living. The presentation is reminiscent of the efforts of a zealous preacher who is talking to everyone and watering down everything said in the process. One happy accident about the book is its use of the excellent Kleist-Lilly translation of the New Testament throughout. If it introduces some readers to this literate version of the Scriptures and encourages them to seek out the full text, the book will have served a laudable purpose.

Pub Date: March 4th, 1963
Publisher: Macmillan