CHRIST IN OUR HEARTS by Charles Duell Kean


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Dr. Kean, who is the rector of the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, Washington, D.C., has given us a series of sermons modified for reading which attempt to interpret the operation and power of the love of God in the hearts of men of the modern world. It is an attempt, he says, to communicate the realities of God's saving action and man's response. His constant refrain is the constant availability of Christ who is the real basis of our security, living water for thirsty men, and love incarnate that knows no end. The author draws freely from contemporary literature as well as from Scripture for illustrations and quotations as windows through which light shines upon many a dark corner in man's life and experience. The result is reassuring, for it shows that nothing in life, or beyond, is out of God's reach or beyond his love and care. An excellent book for those who may be tempted to believe otherwise.

Publisher: Abingdon