BEARS DON'T CRY by Charles E. Alverson


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From the childish sound and look of it you don't expect sixty pages of sly twit and dry wit--less illustrations so monotonously laid out and colored that they're literally self-effacing, so broad and Sketchy that they don't reward attention anyhow. Actually the story--the adventures of a little girl lost in the woods who's befriended by a gruff but not so tough bear--reads like something told on consecutive nights at home, with one unlikely but lightly ironic occurrence after another: the bear reprimanding Shanni for her tears, she tripping over the tree bridge where he's afraid to tread, he saving her from a mountain lion--who slinks away ignominiously. There's some good material here but it's in bad shape.

Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 1969
Publisher: Norton