GHOSTS, SPOOKS & SPECTRES by Charles- Ed. Molin
Kirkus Star


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Twenty sorties into the supernatural for the discerning reader. Mr. Molin has collected a well-balanced assortment of stories, poems, anecdotes and legends from India to Iceland with a concentration on England. Some are witty, like Oscar Wilde's ""The Canterville Ghost"" in which a matter-of-fact American family drives a good old British ghost to distraction with its practical jokes and orders to oil his clanking chains, or Richard Middleton's ""The Ghost-Ship"" which postulates a town inhabited by both the living and the shades; some are cerie, like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's ""The Brown Hand"" and Captain Marryat's ""The Phantom Ship"" about the famous Flying Dutchman; some are terrifying, like W.F. Harvey's ""The Beast with Five Fingers."" All are fully satisfying both as literature and as spooky stories. Dickens, Richard Middleton, Saki and Thurber also contribute to this great gaggle of ghosts in a format (open page, no illustrations) more inviting than most for older readers.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1967
Publisher: White