IN YANKEE WINDJAMMERS by Charles -- Ed. Nordhoff


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The co-author of Mutiny On The Bounty edits and condenses the three volumes written by his grandfather, also Charles Nordhoff, who as a boy yearned to sail away and first accomplished his dream on the man of war, Columbus. Here he learned what it meant to live and work on a sailing vessel, naval customs and routine, punishments and rewards. He saw the Orient and had his fill of governmental supervision so signed on in the commercial service when he returned. He later shipped aboard a whaler, loathed the inactive life and the unpleasantness of cargoing whale products, and eventually jumped ship to cruise about the islands in the Indian Ocean. Some nine years of maritime experiences recounted by a rather serious feller though its authenticity should endear it to salt water enthusiasts.

Pub Date: Aug. 9th, 1940
Publisher: Dodd Mead