RED BALL IN THE SKY by Charles F. Blair


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Aviation aficionados should appreciate these memoirs by a man who has logged 35,000 hours in the air, earned the Distinguished Flying Cross and set some impressive records. There is a detailed recap of his (the first) solo flight across the Arctic which is followed by an interesting look back at the days when he was just a young copilot on the ragged, rugged mountain mail run out of Cheyenne (one pilot played the violin to soothe justifiably nervous passengers). He made a lot of test runs with the new flying boats; set Atlantic speed records; and introduced celestial navigation to the commercial pilot training programs. Finally he became the only civilian ""special consultant"" to the Pentagon for the Strategic Air Command and ends with a virulent attack on certain policies (he is very anti the anti-missile program) and ""Don't confuse me with facts"" generals. It's in the (flight) bag.

Pub Date: July 18th, 1969
Publisher: Random House