THE EXILIC AGE by Charles F. Whitley
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Convinced that the period of history during which the Jews were in exile from their own land has not received adequate attention from Biblical historians, Dr. Chas. F. Whitley has written a scholarly study which should prove to be of great value to serious students of the development of the religion of the Hebrews. He shows that a great deal of the growth and expansion of their concept of God came at the time of their exile as their prophets helped them to face the challenge of their new situation. Their concept of God as the national God of Israel, worshipped in accordance with the ritual of Canaan, was inadequate to the needs of the exilic community. So Jeremiah declared that their God, Yahweh, could be found wherever the heart of man sought him sincerely. To mitigate the apparent injustice of the wholesale punishment of the entire nation for her sins, Ezekiel preached the doctrine that God exacts retribution for individual sins only, while Deutero-Isaiah demonstrated the insanity of the alleged Gods of Babylon, establishing the proposition that Yahweh alone is God, the creator and sustainer of man and the universe. Scholars and students will be grateful for this technical, but stimulating study, and libraries will surely want it on their shelves.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1958
Publisher: Westminster