O ZEBRON FALLS! by Charles Ferry


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You see the town as some great poem,"" says Lukie's friend and class-of-'44-mate Sally, who is leaving for Chicago after graduation, ""but all I see is dreary little people leading dreary little lives."" As this is Lukie's story, what comes through is her love for Zebron Falls, Michigan--where both her parents grew up early in the century; where her beloved Uncle Fannie still lives alone, estranged from his twin brother, Lukie's father; and where Lukie has shared an idyllic childhood with neighbor Billy who is now class valedictorian, football captain, and student council president--but who, being the only Negro kid in a town that isn't perfect, after all, goes off to war upon high school graduation without the romantic promises that other boys are leaving behind. Lukie and Billy's last innocent year begins with the exhilaration of a victorious Homecoming game victory; by Lukie's graduation day, Sally's boyfriend has been killed in the war, Uncle Fannie has been killed in a factory explosion, and Lukie is brokenhearted about the impossibility of acting on her newly recognized feelings toward Billy. But much has come together too, for Lukie, and we leave her determined to study agriculture, then return to what's left of the family farm. It figures for Lukie, with her feeling for the place; it won't surprise readers of Up in Sister Bay (1975) that Ferry has it too, and knows how to share it.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin