THE COLUMNISTS by Charles Fisher


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without malice, but with no fear and certainly no favor, --of the ""unballasted individualism"" of today as personified by the columnists who have the widest following of any writers of the day. Dorothy Thompson, ""principal lady welterweight of our current civilization"", perpetually and rampantly indignant, believing strongly in Dorothy Thompson; the military experts, George Fielding Eliot, a natural-born bad guesser; Fletcher Pratt, who specializes in spreading gloom; Hamson Baldwin, who does the best job of any, gent, correct; Lippmann, most successful when dealing with futures; Winehell, who melds peepshow and propaganda; Mark Sullivan, old line Republican; Raymond Clapper, the most balanced, unbiased politically of the lot; Pegler, whose preposterous and ubiquitous malignancy has endeared him to many Pearson & Allen; the liberal Grafton; Ernie Pyle, who has no ""think"" value but a great simplicity and a large heart, etc. Enlightening and entertaining reading on figures in the public eye who themselves provide good copy. Direct hits, for the most part valid. A study in contemporary journalism.

Publisher: Howell, Boskin