DEAR MR. G."" The Biography of Clark Gable by

DEAR MR. G."" The Biography of Clark Gable

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The second book-form in memoriam (his widow's brief epitaph earlier- Clark Gable Prentice-Hall p. 574) this run-down of the King's prolific tally of films, and marriages, has been written by the secretary and business manager who served Carole Lombard first, then carried on with Gable for close to twenty years. It necessarily concentrates most closely on the Lombard-Gable marriage to which she brought such vitality and gaiety, fills in with less intimacy the two preceding and two succeeding. In his own words, ""just a clumsy country boy"", in his father's- ""born with big feet and big ears"", Clark grew up to become a star and remain relatively untouched by the idolatry of millions, a simple man (with expensive tastes), surprised at his own success, generous, open, loving, and obviously a hero to his secretary whose devotion is equalled by a discretion which admits no criticism. As such, it is for an equally uncritical audience- say that of the fan magazines.

Publisher: Little, Brown