HERO OF CHAMPLAIN by Charles G. Muller


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The exploits of Commodore Thomas Macdonough, a hero of the War of 1812, were amply described in this author's previous book for adults, The Proudest Day. Taking these same facts and adding a young fictional hero, Mr. Muller retells the story leading to the American victory in the battle of lake Champlain. Gideon Mead's first taste of action proved a hoax and a disappointment simply because the enemy never showed up. Asked to infiltrate British lines in Canada, Gideon brings back word that the British are rebuilding a powerful fleet. With the help of shipbuilder Noah Brown, Macdonough decides to enter the competition in a race against time. When Gideon boards the newly built Saratoga, there are many things to learn. He performs his duties admirably and when the fateful day of battle arrives, he is ready to give it his all. The battle of Lake Champlain, with the advantage constantly shifting from the Americans to the British, is the culmination of an exciting, historically accurate tale. The fictional approach serves to enliven the facts.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1961
Publisher: John Day