THE LA GUARDIA YEARS by Charles Garrett


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The most complete and scholarly account of the reform movement of Fiorello La Guardia and his administration we've seen. In this book the author deals with the La Guardia administration--its development, record and passing, and its significance for the city of New York and other American cities. But the author's emphasis is upon reform movement in the broadest sense. He analyzes two conflicting traditions in American politics: machine rule and the tradition of opposition to machine politics and machine government-- the tradition of reform. The author examines in great detail the reasons why Tammany was able to secure votes, the serious consequences machine rule entailed for New York, the reform tradition of New York, the developmental pattern of a reform movement (political action and the breakup of traditional voting patterns), the difficulties a reform movement has in retaining political control, and the significant consequences of reform movements. More specifically the author discusses the accomplishments and shortcomings of New York's Fusion administration. An excellent bibliography makes this book of great value to the student and interested reader.

Publisher: Rutgers Univ. Press