SPAIN IN AMERICA by Charles Gibson


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This survey of the Spanish conquest of America, part of the ""New American Nation Series,"" edited by historians Henry Steele Commager and Richard B. Morris, is the work of a professor at Michigan. His ability to present in summary fashion all the current historiography in the field, and write with a clean, clear style, obscures for most of the time the fact that it is the nature of such a work that only the bones of the past and not the blood and breath can be presented. From the first voyages of exploration to an explanation of the Latin's attitudes upon independence, Professor Gibson makes comprehensible the political and economic life of the conquistadores and the conquered; side excursions into the history of the Church, the relationship of Spaniard to Indian and American born Spanish to their Iberian brothers, and the different quality of imperial rule in the borderlands of Mexico are valuable essays in themselves.

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 1966
Publisher: Harper & Row