SAINT PAUL: A Study of The Development of His Thought by Charles & Greer Taylor Buck

SAINT PAUL: A Study of The Development of His Thought

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St. Paul represents an attempt on the part of the authors to trace the evolution of Pauline thought first by establishing the order in which the Epistles were written, and then by pointing out the main lines along which that thought developed. The first book pursues those objectives by means of internal criticism -- that is, by an analysis, both textual and contextual -- of the letters, and arrives at the establishment of an absolute, and a relative, Pauline chronology. The second part compares that chronology to, and reconciles it with, the events described in the secondary source, the Acts. This is a work of some importance to theologians and scriptural scholars of the Christian churches, and it merits recognition as a ""standard"" in theological seminaries. The authors, although they make good use of the latest advances in the sacred and auxiliary sciences, manage to state their case clearly and without unnecessary complexity, and they are careful to distinguish between fact and conjecture -- both in their own work and in that of others. A work of first-rate biblical scholarship.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1969
Publisher: Scribners