GO WITH THE ODDS: A Guide to Successful Gambling by Charles H. Goren

GO WITH THE ODDS: A Guide to Successful Gambling

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In spite of the sub-title, Mr. Goren doesn't believe in gambling or for that matter believe in the possibility of successful gambling (and for those high-rollers who keep the green' jungle green ""nothing is as immutable as those odds in favor of the house""). But if you will or rather must, he provides some prophylactic probability measures whether you play casino games, indulge in lotteries or horse racing, enjoy poker, cribbage, gin, canasta (here strategy really counts), or his own house specialty, bridge. Actually half of the book is devoted to the game he scientifically perfected but he also includes that important factor, psychology, in the various stages of bidding and Contending. . . . There have been other comparable books but the Goren name obviates some of the calculated risk.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1969
Publisher: Macmillan