THE SNOWMAN by Charles Haldeman


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Charles Halderman delineates an insufferably indecipherable symbolic situation occurring in Joseph's Landing, New York, and it's all about the effects of war on people. Dr. Donatien Villiers of the Landing is mortally wounded in a hunting accident. That's good because he was, we're told, badness apotheosized. His son Charley is a fag poet who runs off with Paul Biscayne, an older and also evil man. A Jewish doctor comes to town named Mendel Cadmus. Some people hate him because he's of the Hebrew race. He dies, too, absurdly and that's bad because he's goodness incarnate. Geneva--get it-'can't talk because she was multiply raped when she was, little. She utters her first sound after Cadmus dies. She along with Charley Villiers hang a gold medallion on an effigiac snowman. Wait a minute' Joseph's Landing. You know, the guy in the bible, Cadmus is Joseph, you see. And Charley? Well, he could be Christ. Geneva is Mary with maybe a little bit of the inscrutable Buddha thrown in. Dr. Donatien Villiers, well he's quite possibly...

Pub Date: Oct. 12th, 1965
Publisher: Simon & Schuster