LOOKING FORWARD by Charles Hatch Stoddard


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A Wisconsin conservationist's remedies for the multitudinous ills of a no-longer-growing America. To achieve responsible, responsive government, we ought to adopt a parliamentary system. To get moving in a new direction, we need a national Progressive coalition. To ""more us from a growth society to a circular-flow or sustainable-state,"" a ""Conserver system"" is called for. To make the transition, we should plug income tax loopholes, attack the swollen military budget, dismantle conglomerates, adopt work-place democracy, and find new sources of productive jobs. And so Stoddard goes on, blithely re-packaging every reform proposal of recent years: ""In contrast to other forecasts of energy use, which assume continued economic growth and hence greater energy requirements, my assumptions project movement in the opposite direction--that is, less nonrenewable energy required for a sustainable future characterized by a steady-state economy."" He has all-encompassing suggestions, too, for revitalizing cries, restructuring agriculture, and renewing out environmental resources. Also: ""The central focus of a new United States foreign policy would be a renewed commitment to the United Nations."" In his last chapter, he plugs volunteerism. Well-meaning, but stale and naive.

Pub Date: Nov. 26th, 1982
Publisher: Macmillan