WORKING OUT by Charles Hix


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The author of Looking Good and Dressing Right now provides a sound, weight-training-based program to tone up the male body under that polished exterior. First, determine your body type (endo-, ecto-, mesomorph) to see what your prospects are (burly, sinewy, or stringy). Next, decide if you want to exercise alone or at a club (save on equipment, suffer with company). Then, proceed with Hix's reasonable, progressive program--which includes good warm-up, stretching, and aerobic components, but focuses on weight-training because, unless your needs are occupational, ""the only reason to add musculature to your frame is to look better."" And when the exercise is over, Hix is ready with advice on hair care (""Mane Thing""), skin care (""Pore Boy""), dewhiskering (""Shaving Graces""), cleanliness (""Liquid Assets""), and body odor (""Gland Tidings"") for the locker room. Common sense and showmanship.

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 1982
Publisher: Simon & Schuster