THE HOSTAGES by Charles Israel


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It's hard to think (and it certainly won't be expected of you here) that this could happen even though it lifts larcenously from a number of plots which have been around for some time and which have been pretested for commercial competence (Seven Days in May, Desperate Hours, etc.). In an attempt to make the UN rescind its decision to seat the arriving delegation from Red China, a whole busload of children attending the UN International School is kidnapped, and the children are held hostage in the basement of a house. The police comb the area; the parents agonize; there are considered discussions with the Secretary General; the children try to escape and one does, to his death; and at the end the young prove equal to their captor-killers.... ""Grim show, this"" comments one of those involved and it might have been, had there been some attempt to give the characters any mark of identification beyond their name and nationality. Redbook condensation (good idea) notwithstanding.

Pub Date: July 18th, 1966
Publisher: Simon & Schuster