WINGATE'S RAIDERS by Charles J. Role
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A small scale action of this war, but a great story, in the account of an attempt to sever Japanese communications in Burma with a handful of men led by Orde Wingate Wingate. Wiagate is a fascinating figure, lot and eccentric perhaps, often called the ""new Lawrence"" for his work in Ethiopia and Judea, and having the sword, the Bible and a flair for strange races as a part of his heritage. Termed a ""suicide"" by brass hatters who resented his unorthodox brilliance, he took his commando type fighters 1000 miles into enemy territory, supplied intermittently by RAF via parachutes, and engaged in guerrilla scraps along the way, sounded out Burmese sympathies, severed enemy communications. Lack of food, of water, no lack of snakes, lice, insects, disease, it proved an exhausting campaign capped by a nervy return trip under Japanese fire. Most of the men got back, wounded, ill, but sustained by the faith, will power, and courage of one man. An English Into the Valley, broader in scope, unusual inspiring adventure.

Pub Date: Feb. 11th, 1943
Publisher: Viking