SUMMER DOCTOR by Charles Knickerbocker


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In this doctor's series of doctor's novels (an incision above Frank laughter's) this tells of young Daniel van Dine's decision to g.p. on a Maine Island, 372 population except for some 2000 summer folk. The story itself is something of a slow-release pill but there's lots of consultation room conversation, a ew weather reports, and a friendly introduction to the natives. Dan spends a rather long winter with his dog, Slob:-mostly respiratory diseases with an occasional delivery here (when an old Indian, Widow Gideon, isn't attending), malignancy there. There's his half- hearted interest in the local librarian, the visits of June, from his past, who becomes his present when she stays on to marry him; and a whirlwind finale during a big blow. All of it is genial, wholesome, and as well scrubbed as a doctor's hands should be.

Publisher: Doubleday