SHADOWS 5 by Charles L.--Ed. Grant


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The emphasis is on ""Dark Fantasy"" in this latest collection of Shadows stories--but only two of the eleven pieces spark genuine chills, in utterly contrasting ways: the elegant Tanith Lee sends an English writer to a remote Greek island for tea with a contemporary Medusa--an unpretentious sliver of existential unease; and Malta Randall cheerily, tartly sketches in a reluctant weekend at a singles resort--and then gives it a sudden, brutal, black-comic twist. As for the rest, there's most notably a garish little people-eating piano from Beverly Evans, a radio headset in touch with the dead (Awon Swofford), and Alan Ryan's how-I-became-a-Jesuit story (with a silly twist ending). Plus: a long final episode for Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's le Comte de Saint-Germain--who has indeed (in several novels) worn out his welcome. Not one of the better Shadows, but a decent sampling for whimsical horror fans.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1982
Publisher: Doubleday