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TIlE SOUND OF MIDNIGHT by Charles L. Grant



Pub Date: July 7th, 1978
Publisher: Doubleday

Oxrun Station again (Hour of the Oxrun Dead, 1977), and this time it's nice toy store owner Dale who--with agreeable suitor Vic--unaccountably hangs around town during fearful doings. Fiery lights stream out of nowhere, three people are mysteriously murdered, and there's very obviously a clear case of possession involving a clutch of kids and some adults pursued nastily by those eerie little beings. This witchcraft has been imported from ancient Wales, you see, and has been set in motion by chessmen talismans and a witch/priestess, whom veterans of the Infernal-Winds-and-Weather genre will spot in an instant. Grant has, however, piled up some swell supernatural appearances and has given Dale and Vic just enough brains to put a stop to it. Damp colds, howls, and rumblings--a B feature but a bloody good show.