NOAH by Charles L. Mee


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The pair responsible for Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus (1976) and Moses, Moses (1977) take on a likelier, less pitfall-strewn story--but with strictly one-dimensional results. Everybody's squabbling madly to start with, and by contrast Noah and his wife, typical Munowitz stuffed-pillow figures, are saintly and serene. (That's not the way we heard it either.) The building of the ark and the gathering of the animals are readily accomplished, calm and order prevail aboard, the ark duly comes to rest on Ararat, the dove completes its mission. . . and all prepare to disembark. Told and illustrated without incident, characterization, sonority, or humor (except that evoked by the style of the drawings), this is that relative rarity, a truly babyish book; easy come, easy go.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1978
Publisher: Harper & Row