OF FLIGHT AND LIFE by Charles Lindbergh


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An attack against scientific materialism, this presents and pleads for the control of science, which has outstripped man, by a greater moral force. Of an altitude flight at Willow Run (1943) which taught Lindbergh that in worshipping science- ""man gains power- loses the quality of life"". Of a combat mission in the South Pacific (1944) which proved the effectiveness of science; of the return to Germany after the surrender which proved the need for religion as well as science. And finally the argument- in 1948- that our future depends on our ability to lead the world- ""our character, our ideals"", since scientific man has ""turned his back on God""... If perhaps not new in its moral, international implications, this is briefly, sincerely argued. It will be read however largely on the Lindbergh name.

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1948
Publisher: Scribner