CRAZY WEATHER by Charles Longstreth McNichols


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Crazy weather"" -- an Arizona heat spell -- brings strange adventures to South Boy, brought up on a reservation to think like a white man, think like an Indian, and he sometimes gets caught in between. With Navek, a Mojave boy, his closest friend, he goes out into what his mother calls the rough or heathen world; he joins a circle of Mojave dream singers, has a Hawk dream which promises high adventure, and with Hawk goes off on a journey. They follow the trail of ""bad crazy"" Piute, get a lesson in witchcraft from his old counselor, the Mormom hater, go after the Piute, are bewitched and then freed, and finally head back to the reservation. Then the heat breaks -- and South Boy finds himself ready to leave the Indian world for the white. Interesting Indian lore interwoven with the weird experiences of an unreal few days. Authentic background and factual content, for the author was brought up on an Indian reservation and knows his stuff.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1943
ISBN: 0803282192
Publisher: Macmillan