ORPHANS OF THE RANGE by Charles M. Martin


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The hoary story of an orphan who makes good and wins his moral spurs with his foster family is enlivened here with authentic cowboy and ranching know-how and sparkling dialogue. Jimmy Cawthorn, his horse, Big Red, and Ketch the dog leave the smoking ruins of Nestors Canyon where Jimmy's mother had undoubtedly perished. Tom Scudder finds the three orphans, and Jimmy is adopted into the good natured family of the Rafter S --Tom and Mother, Junior, Dick and Betty Lou. Jimmy works hard and seriously to learn ranching, and to help the family. Soon Jimmy is an integral part of the ranch, Big Red is the top horse and Ketch a well-trained working dog. Wins at the rodeo and a reunion with his mother will make strong men weep.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1950
Publisher: Viking