STEEL LU ACTION by Charles M. Parker


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An addition to a series of Science for War and Peace - intended for the layman, and dealing with the importance of steel now and in the postwar world. Charles Parker writes authoritatively and interestingly; against a brief historical sketch of iron and steel, not only in America but in other parts of the world, ancient and modern, he then discusses all phases of the production and fabrication, defining terms and processes, kinds of mills and uses of output, carbon steel, ally steel, and the numerous metals used with iron and steel. The frontiers of matallurigical knowledge have been pushed forward 20 years in the space of 2 years, but only hints of the discoveries can be given at this time. As preparation for approaching the problems of the postwar world, he discusses such factors as markets, labor problems (briefly), standards of living, foreign trade, the distribution and control of raw materials, strategic and critical materials, and the progress in conservation, substitution and research. He gives staggering figures on the wartime expansion resulting from engineering ingenuity.

Publisher: Jacques Cattell