IT'S ONLY TEMPORARY by Charles Margendahl


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Report repeated from the May 1st bulletin when scheduled for earlier publication- as follows: ""What happens when the vet goes into a housing development- only as a temporary measure? This is the crux of Don and Shelley's life when they move into Camptown-knowing that- with financial security- they can move to Montana for a sure, small business, when they find that living with a purpose must meet its compromises as pressures grow and as events change the shape of things to come. For there are the Morrises, both determined to move on to bigger and better backgrounds, at the cost of all personal honesty; the Silers who are coming up the hard-working way; the McDermots whose marriage drafts further and further to the point of no return until near-tragedy re-establishes it; the Littles whose budget offers them compensation and promise:- all these to point up and add to the Cousins' attempts to be different and to break away. And when it comes to the showdown- with Cathy having her second child, it is a hostage to fortune they offer, to stay on at Camptown and put Montana on the calendar for the next year. There is a compassionate comprehension of the attitudes and responses of the younger marrieds here, a tenderness for the touchy spots of economic and emotional relationships, an unsparing reportage of 'better living' in modern housing, that brings this close to many homes, and should make it appealing reading for many a community project.

Pub Date: Dec. 28th, 1950
Publisher: Doubleday