VALLEY OF THE SHADOW by Charles Marquis Warren


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The Arizona Territory in the 1860's backgrounding a violent, often valiant story of a few seasoned fighters, more than a few Indians, and one man's long and losing battle against the Apache, Deesohay. John Reardon, who had spent four years in attempting-but failing- to capture Deeschay, returns from a last retreat knowing he will lose his command to St. John, West Point martinet, who refuses to heed Reardon's experienced advice on Indian warfare. Accepting terms of surrender, St. John becomes Deesohay's hostage, along with Reardon, Angela, whom he loves, and a few picked men, while the others, promised safety, are taken to the desert to die. At the close, as a rescuing detail is about to fall into Deesohay's ambush, St. John gives his life so that they may live, while Reardon and Angela alone escape alive, after considerable torment. A dramatically, masculinely toned tale, competently handled.

Publisher: Doubleday