MAN: MIND OR MATTER? by Charles Mayer


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Charles Mayer is an outstanding French scientist and philosopher and he know has to write about abstract and intricate problems in an interesting and understandable way. The book is an outright defense of materialism as a philosophy of life. Since we to say in this country that materialism and secularism are the greatest evil to combat, it is unusual and challenging to have a book which defends materialism and larism as sound in theory and beneficent in practice. As the translator says in his face Americans are loud in their denunciations of materialism but adopt in the preption it. We thinks we should bring theory and practice together and he would do that. a theory that is in line with our practice. The author goes the whole way. There is no final cause or ultimate purpose for the universe. Everything that happens is is the result of that are exclusively material is character. The art of