SEND DOWN A DOVE by Charles McHardy


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On what they knew must be their final World War II mission, the officers and men of the Scorpion could only agree in their hope that their submarine, badly in need of repairs, would hold together through this last dangerous assignment, threading through the Norwegian minefields hunted by an enemy made more desperate by the fact of imminent defeat. Tom Titt is a first-class seaman dating from the days before the Royal Navy had to accept the selection of assorted nuts that now manned the Scorpion. He is the central character in a series of sketches that reveal the building tension aboard to be as explosive as the torpedoes carried, sent, or dodged. Each man's breath poisons the already fouled air of the submerged sub, tempers grow shorter, and the unstable go right round the bend. Tom is the epitome of the strong and honest man, responding in emergency with a will to duty. The Scorpion's last trip is one emergency after another--mechanical and psychological. The Captain wants another triumph for his war record, the mess steward goes giddily crazy, an ulcer victim lays dying but is suspected of malingering, the crew's bully goes far too far, the least experienced officer is a Nazi sympathizer and the gunner fails to put the gun in working order. As sub fiction goes--this should prove buoyant and it will have strong publisher support.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1968
Publisher: Coward-McCann