WITH KISSES FOUR by Charles Mergendahl


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Explosive- and also expendable -- passion hits the Maine woods when Kit Paley, advertising man turned guide decides to take out the Bensons for a last stake before returning to the New York rat race. When he learns Roy Benson is being trailed by Mort Farrow he rationalizes further and determines to protect his client by hiding him far in the woods, refusing all the while to admit that it is Benson's wife, Deen, who is attracting him. Farrow catches up; Kit keeps the peace but Roy is killed; Farrow goes berserk, wounds a moose and is killed and Kit discovers that Deen is her husband's killer just before she is accidentally stabbed. He rushes her to help and before her death she cleans the slate by confessing and releasing him from all suspicion. All passion spent -- and for what?

Pub Date: April 14th, 1954
Publisher: Morrow