SEARCHERS OF THE SEA by Charles Michael Daugherty


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This is a straight factual synopsis of the important innovations in the field of oceanography from the time of the ancient mariners to the present day. The contributions of sailors, scientists, buccaneers and even landlubbers are traced down through history. The Portuguese, considered the first students of navigation, Magellan's amazing voyage Captain Cook's expedition with his scientific crew and Benjamin Franklin's studies of the Gulf Stream bring us to modern history. Lieutenant Maury's conception of the sea log and his subsequent recording of winds and currents, Edward Forbes' discoveries of the inhabitants of the sea, Nansen's three year expedition of the Arctic and Piccard's exploratory undersea vessels designed to reveal the mysteries of the ocean floor are among other inclusions. The student of the sea may find a challenge in the concluding series of unanswered questions but will definitely find informative material in this survey.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1961
Publisher: Viking