DEEP TREASURE by Charles Minor Blackford
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A thoroughgoing novel of the Greeks who came to Tarpon Springs, Florida, soon after the turn of the century and lived to become sponge fishermen in their own rights, sees their life and struggle in its many aspects through young Jason Tros, the central character who flees his Aegean island home after an unjust police charge. Here Jason, soon joined by the rest of his family, bucks four elements- the bosses who run the trade, the other fly-by-night spongers from Key West, the fears of his own people that he is being too forward, and the everlasting sea itself. Buying his own small boat, Jason begins to win his boss' respect and starts an idea for a free exchange market. Then experimenting with a new diving outfit enables him to go after real ""gold""- the deep sea sponges and to be at last on his own two feet. Solid.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1954
Publisher: Winston