SPARKENBROKE by Charles Morgan
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I think it a finer book, a more mature book, than The Fountain. I am curious to see whether its history bears out the theory that the popularity of The Fountain was due to (a) its meditative, philosophical qualities; or (b) the love story, with the almost insidious appeal of a secret -- to many, shameful -- romance. If the first was true, Sparkenbroke should equal or surpass it in popularity, for the philosophy, the intellectual challenge, the quality of the scholar, almost at times, the pedant, is there, and more essentially a part of the story and the characterization than in The Fountain. There is less of glamor in the romance -- and more of conviction. It is a better integrated plot, with less allure. Definitely, a book which thoughtful readers will find stimulating; and a book that will go far on the impetus of The Fountain in securing a popular market. As the first Morgan title on the Macmillan list, it is assured a strong push from advertising and promotion -- sales aids for the Trade, etc.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1936
Publisher: Macmillan