A BREEZE OF MORNING by Charles Morgan


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Charming- slight- and rather unexpected from Charles Morgan, whose novels prior to this one, have been esoteric, symbolic and at times obscure. This is an appealing story of young love -- reviewed through mature eyes, but told as a recreation of days long past. He writes in the first person of a boy of fourteen, and an enchanted summer during which he was working for an Eton scholarship, and saturating himself with the classics under inspired and unorthodox tutelage, while at the same time he was experiencing- without recognizing it- first love, for a beautiful and, to most observers, a shallow, but magnetic, girl, some years his senior. He found himself torn between his affection for a cousin who was living with them, his devotion to his sister Ann, and his realization that Ann loved her cousin, who was, in his turn, enchanted by the magic of Rose Letterby. He played his part, sometimes awkwardly, often more adroitly than he knew, and his boy's eye view of events and their interpretation give a vivid and charming portrait of the fringe of village-country life forty years ago.

ISBN: 193497806X
Publisher: Macmillan