THE UNIVERSE OF SCIENCE by Charles-Noel Martin


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This is a thumb-nail but brilliant survey of the latest significant facts about major areas of current scientific interest, by a French nuclear physicist and journalist, that takes the reader on an ""immense journey...from the tiny domain of the vanishingly small to the known limits of the terrifying cosmos"". Here is robust, clear-cut science writing that moves swiftly from fact to theory to speculation and back to fact with authority and just a tinge of romance which permits the human mind to see many astounding elements of our universe in all their minute or austere beauty. Presenting scientific knowledge, Martin spotlights the physicists' and chemists' particles, atoms, molecules, and crystals; the biologists' viruses, bacteria, and diversity of Life; the geologists' knowledge of the earth, its evolution, climate; the astrophysicists' discoveries in space; the astronomers' facts and theories about the planets, sun, galaxies, stars, and structure of the universe. A delight for the precocious, curious, and interested young scholar and perspicacious layman.

Pub Date: Nov. 25th, 1963
Publisher: Bill & Wang