AMELIA RANKIN by Charles O. Locke


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Report repeated from the November 15th, 1958, bulletin, when scheduled for early 1959 publication, as follows: ""Again a Western deviant is a less exciting, and less excitingly original story than The Hell Bent Kid and substitutes- to an extent for action- the portrait of a woman, widowed, whose husband had left her not only the biggest spread in this part of the Texas territory but also a tremendous sense of obligation to all around her. A woman of heart as well as conscience, Amelia has given away much of her land to farmers who would work it, created a touchy situation particularly among those who believe that cattle and homesteaders don't mix. There is a shooting- by her newly hired foreman- and Amelia shelters him from a vigilante vengeance; resentment- even her daughter's- consolidates against her but she refuses to allow her men to carry arms. Finally, when peaceable methods fail, and she is the victim of a rough attack, she takes defensive measures which lead to a range war and then a trial... A steady, stalwart picture of the early Southwest, of more substance than the average action story in the field in which it will probably have its widest appeal.

Pub Date: Nov. 17th, 1959
Publisher: Norton