SPLIT TIME by Charles P. Crawford


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Evan Moore's 15th summer should have consisted of swimming and horsing around with his friends. Instead, his parents suddenly separate, and the summer becomes ""split time""--numb weeks during which the Moores cope with their change. Evan and his father move into an apartment, while Evan's mother joins the man with whom she's fallen in love. Evan is drawn out of his misery only by Lamia, 22, the strange, beautiful gift who lives in the apartment upstairs. He's fascinated by her, wanting a relationship, especially a sexual one, which they soon have. But as the relationship becomes too intense, Evan tries to edge away. He feels like the fly trapped by the spider, and in trying to extricate himself from Lamia's web, he forces a tragic situation. Nevertheless, Evan emerges from the experience stronger, more accepting, and ready to face whatever other cards life deals him. Despite Evan's constant use of four-letter words and his frank thoughts (and actions) about sex, this is an absorbing look an entire family struggling through their confusing ""split time.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1987
Page count: 185pp
Publisher: Harper & Row