WHY I AM FOR THE CHURCH by Charles P. Taft


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This volume brings together a number of addresses delivered in the past fourteen years by Charles P. Taft. These addresses assume importance not only because Mr. Taft is a worthy member of a distinguished family who has proven himself a public servant but also because he has been elected the President of the of the Churches of Christ in America, one of the first layman to held that positive. The addresses delivered in the pre-war period are, of course, dated, even out-dated, by the events of the war, and the momentous issues that have arisen since. They seem like a voice out of a far distant past. However, all of Mr. Taft's utterances give us a cue to a point of view to which he has adhered throughout these world-shaking years. Mr. Taft is a liberal in his political convictions and in his religious beliefs. But he has strong convictions concerning the spiritual interpretation of history and the place of the church in the world of today. His chief interest is to bring to bear upon national and international issues the principles and ideals of society. Though neither a brilliant scholar nor a great orator, Mr. Taft's sincere, whole-hearted, and intelligent espousal of religion is encouraging.

Pub Date: July 23rd, 1947
Publisher: Farrar, Stress