CINDERELLA by Charles Perrault


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Le Cain's elaborately outfitted, often farcically posturing figures are rendered alternately in plain black and white and in rich full color with intricately patterned backgrounds of deep blue, facing ornately bordered pages of text. Unfortunately the lush, magical atmosphere is not reinforced in the text, which varies from commonplace (""'I'll look in the rattrap,' said Cinderella, 'and see if there's a rat. We could make him into a coachman.' 'A good idea,' said her godmother. 'Go and see' "") to slightly awkward (""She gave them excellent advice, and even offered to do their hair, which they were very glad to agree to""). A decorative addition at best.

Pub Date: Aug. 27th, 1973
ISBN: 1568461305
Publisher: Bradbury Press