NOTHING TO CHANCE by Charles Plisnier


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Yes, it has been done before, and many will find it distasteful. But it is a brilliant piece of work, in its reproduction of a stagnant, hidebound way of life, its picturing of the results of consummate egotism, of disintegration. It is a demonstration of the French proclivity for precise, ruthless dissection, in the story of two French girls of the moneyed bourgeoisie, backbone of a typical industrial town, and of their marriages. One marries for marriage's sake, the most promising salesman in the factory -- and finds that her husband outsmarts her, uses her, and then turns to other women. The other marries money, to salvage her father's affairs, is baulked by her husband's blindness to her needs, and goes from liaison to liaison, never finding even the shadow of love. So it goes!

Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock