AMERICAN NEUTRALITY -- 1914-1917 by Charles Seymour


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Essays on the Causes of American Intervention in the World War"" -- so reads the sub-title. A book that should serve as a ballast for those who go off on a tangent of conviction that the power of the press -- the jingo press at that -- plus the power of Wall Street -- plus the power of the Munition Makers pushed us into the World War. Documentary evidence -- a thoughtful and considered weighing of the psychological data -- a dispassionate point of view are all brought to this consideration of the facts, and the author gives convincing proof that President Wilson knew exactly where he was going, and why and when -- that, in the last analysis, Germany's decision to continue submarine warfare was the determining factor, and the one vital factor, in the decision. On that our neutrality depended -- once that was an established situation, our neutrality was at an end. Not a book for anyone looking at one book for his background -- but a book for the student of history and diplomacy, and a book to offset the too dramatic presentation of other points of view, such as Millis' Road to War.

Pub Date: Dec. 17th, 1935
Publisher: Yale Press